What we do

Justified Coffee partnered with a fellow law enforcement officer who distributed tourniquets to Officers of the 3rd Battalion state police in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil. The officers of this department are based in Arcoverde, Brazil and are tasked with protecting the citizens of ten cities. So far they have taught over 40 officers on vehicle ambush response and off duty survival.



Justified Coffee Company along with IBPO Local 673 donated over $500.00 as scholarships to local officer to attend a basic SWAT school. This school has been taught for many years and has provided hundreds of officers with life saving skills which are then taken back to their home departments. There is not a school in this region which comes close to the talent and experience of these instructors. 




I joined Chattanooga Police Department in the spring of 2015 and spent the first few years of my career working second shift (evenings) in downtown Chattanooga. This area holds the highest concentration of bars, hotels and entertainment businesses like karaoke bars, dance clubs, theaters, live bands etc.  I have been with Chattanooga PD for a little over eight years and I have assisted with multiple units outside of patrol. Such as chasing down suspects from aggravated robbery to serving search warrants with narcotics. It is fairly often that we respond to calls that lead to a residence, building or vehicle that needs to be cleared from either an armed or unarmed suspect. Couple that with the ever increasing threat towards Police Officers and the communities we serve; one can greatly benefit from a specialized school. I received great training from my department to handle these types of situations. However there are many more skills to learn and improve upon. With more training, especially from a school tailored around a special skill set such as SWAT. I can greatly improve my skill level in handling these situations. The skills I would learn will increase not just my efficiency and survival but other Officers and community members as well. I can also implement the skills I acquire into my team and share it with other Officers making a safer Chattanooga.

-Office Stroud



My name is Braeden Long. I grew up about 45 minutes West of Chattanooga from n Whitwell, TN.  I spent 3 years in the Army as an Infantryman before moving back to Tennessee with my wife, Gracie, and joining the Chattanooga Police Department in 2022.The SWAT school curriculum has a heavy emphasis on stress management which can be applied to every aspect of policing, not just tactical applications. I want to bring that knowledge of managing stress to my team to be more effective officers. I would like to try out for the CPD SWAT team to continue to learn and progress as an officer all around. 

-Officer Long